Debt Collection and Debt Recovery sound like they have the same meaning, but there is a subtle difference.

Debt Collection involves general measures taken to collect money owed by late payers. These are live debtors. Clients may opt to engage LEGITIMATE VENTURES LTD  to manage their live debt-book to ensure prompt payment of bills / invoices as they fall due. A rigorous reminder system has been put in place by LEGITIMATE VENTURES LTD to avoid

invoice payments from becoming overdue. LEGITIMATE VENTURES LTD follows-up, monitor and track all invoices raised in that period and ensures that these are paid before or by the due date.

Bulk debt collection

Personal automation

Have a large volume of debts to collect? Our automated processes handle thousands of overdue invoices a month.

Our smart and sophisticated bulk debt collection processes ensure that each and every overdue invoice is handled correctly. If they have any questions, customers can rely on the assistance of our dedicated service team, who speak to them as a person, not a number – reaffirming our people-first approach, even for volume debt collection.

Full consultation

Our company provides you with any advice 7/24. Specialists are always in touch.

Legal support

We work with the best legal experts in the market.Making the necessary documents will take a minimum of time.

Relevant standards

We guarantee that all our work will be conducted in accordance with international Debt collection standards.

Certification works

We use Professional etiquette to ensure we retain debtors who are still potential clients.

Professional experts

The team of specialists have serious experience and the desire to do better. We are ready to offer you their imagination and professionalism.

Looking for a Credit Controller? Call us now, we glad to work with you!


There are certain jobs and industries where cutting corners is acceptable or even considered harmless. The accounts receivable industry, where debt collection values are revered, is not one of them.

“What harm,” one may ask, “is there in not fully complying with Kenya Government laws, or not documenting business activities such as letters or phone calls?” That type of slack may cut it in some sectors, but not in debt collections.

There are other ways to use and abuse reasonable and customary actions, including the harassment of consumers at their place of employment or contacting them during embargoed hours of the day.

Organizations in need of debt collections will be best served by us since we have already established on the principles of commitment, respect, accountability and transparency. Those core values form the foundation of compliant collection plans, resulting in greater return on investment and client satisfaction.



Our customers = Your Customers.

They are our main value. It is with this knowledge that we have set out a code of conduct when handling debtors.

Legitimate Business Ventures Ltd exercises respect to the clienteles or agencies. Those considerations begin with the reading of the Mini Miranda and continue through each and every demand letter or phone call.

Respect is ensured by diplomatic interactions and a strict conduct policy that is detailed in  Our Code of Conduct.

There is:-

  • No harassment or shaming
  • No misrepresentations
  • No profanity or abusive language
  • No threat of harm to consumers or their reputation
  • No callback after consumer hang ups
  • No email or fax without prior authorization
  • No text messages

We create accountability by being attentive to the concerns and interests of clients and consumers while simultaneously maintaining legal compliance and full transparency.

Accountability is a cornerstone of nearly all consumer protection acts furthermore,our clientele always gains a sense of confidence knowing that our organization follows the law. Those positive feelings incentivize us to maximise our ability to contact debtors going through financial difficulties and negotiate realistic repayment plans.

While not written into collections law, transparency enables us to achieve mutual success and make informed decisions . Full transparency instills a sense of trust in clients and consumers, and encourages brand loyalty among the latter.

We receive around-the-clock access to secure account information from our clients,therefore we endevour to act simultaneously and conduct fair assessment of Debtors financial situations, while scrutinizing honest answers of our questions which result in good negotiation skills.

Transparency also means that clients are immediately informed about changes in collection laws and regulations. Legal teams that understand upcoming compliance changes are able to properly advise their collection officers and help foster the continuity of the collections process.

Specialists of our company – is our pride. All our professionals MUST undergo a mandated certified induction course on Debt collection and  call centers.The  policy Online Debt Collectors program Training(PODCPT) is specifically designed for debt collection call center agents and credit department staff who deal with customers with outstanding or overdue debts. It introduces a plethora of specific debt collection call best practice and negotiation techniques to help collection staff handle challenging collection conversations more professionally with debtors and customers with overdue payments and collect more overdue debts.working on our products and services. Be confident in our quality.

We carry out work in accordance with the planned schedule. This document is an integral part of the contract. All stages will be carried out on time.

Request a call back

We recommend that you contact our consultants via this feedback form. This will save time and allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to all your questions.

Legitimate Ventures Ltd . is a fully owned Kenyan company offering a debt recovery service. As a commercial debt collector, Legitimate compiles business credit reports to assist our clientele in making the right risks.