Investigations-Tracing & Track

Why Asset Tracking is so Important in Debt Recovery

Investigations involve the gathering of factual information or undertaking surveillance on behalf of our clients.

Legitimate Venture’s objective is to provide our clients with the facts, whether they are positive or negative, and to facilitate our clients to make the important decisions.

If you are considering legal action against a debtor, it might be prudent to find out whether sufficient funds and possessions are available before taking further steps. A recovery investigation performed by Legitimate Venture provides for a complete overview of possible assets to seize and the overall capital position of your debtor.


Our partners employ carefully experienced investigators and detectives to work closely with our clients when conducting surveillance and investigation cases. When choosing Legitimate Venture you can be confident the investigation will be carried out to the highest possible standard by professionals who understand the complexities and potential legal ramifications of any commercial investigations.

Answering the problem: asset tracking

You don’t want to hit a wall when trying to enforce your judgment. If you have any doubts about whether your debtor will be able to settle the debt after you win your case, consult a private investigator and talk about asset tracking or asset tracing.

Private investigators who are asset trackers will tell you all the advantages of making sure you know the status of your debtor before initiating court proceedings. Asset tracking involves a variety of investigative methods, including searches and asset tracking software, to assess whether a debtor has enough capital in assets to be able to settle the debt if those assets were seized. Searches look at property owned in the UK and overseas, stocks and shares, vehicles and marine purchases, businesses, even undeclared bank accounts in some jurisdictions and much more. Asset tracking gives you a better picture of the person you’re going after, and how far you’re likely to succeed.

Tracking hidden assets

Hiding assets is something that is done by debtors who are particularly reluctant to pay and want to protect what is theirs. Of course, if they’re refusing to pay someone what they legally owe, then ‘what is theirs’ is up for debate. This is why global’ s private investigator asset trackers are specialists in finding hidden assets using many sophisticated techniques, so that the courts, the claimants and the enforcers have a complete picture of how much the debtor is worth, and how best we can get the debts and remuneration enforced.

Asset tracking post-judgment

While it is advisable to call on the services of specialist asset trackers at private detective agencies like Global Investigations before you initiate court proceedings, nothing is stopping you from doing it post-judgment. If you have for some reason elected not to do asset tracking at the outset, you can still get a private investigator to do a report about your debtor’s assets after you have won the case. This is so you know which assets to go after, and how much of the debt you’re likely to get back. The risk for you is that the private investigators’ report could yield little to nothing in the way of assets to cover your debt and costs.

Your best bet is to contact a private investigation firm like Global Investigations before you take your debtor to court.

Legitimate Ventures Ltd . is a fully owned Kenyan company offering a debt recovery service. As a commercial debt collector, Legitimate compiles business credit reports to assist our clientele in making the right risks.